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Upgrade your yard with iron fences

Give your home a better fence with the helpful services of Latzke Iron Works. Our fences are custom crafted, durable and affordable. We strive to give our customers the very best in product, price and workmanship.

When you're looking for an extremely durable fence, contact the professionals at Latzke Iron Works. Our fences come in a wide variety of styles and can withstand the most severe storms and temperatures.

Invest in your property

When you upgrade your home or business with new custom crafted iron fences, you not only improve the appearance, but you'll also boost the property value.


If you ever decide to sell your home or commercial business, you'll more than likely get a better price than you paid for it. We can even custom color match for you.

Complete fencing products

• Country clubs

• Pools

• Decks

• Property lines

• Homes

• Apartment buildings


Contact us for a FREE estimate. If you have questions or need guidance on what kind of designs are best for your property, simply ask our experts today.

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Keep those pesky critters out with superior iron fences.